Darren Wang, Li Qin’s The Wolf releases first trailer

The Wolf 狼殿下 is an upcoming fantasy romance drama set in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, and stars Darren Wang (Legend of the Naga Pearls) as a boy raised by wolves and Li Qin (Princess Agents) as his love interest.

In the twilight years of the Tang Dynasty, Zhu Wen (Ding Yongdai) murders Emperor Ai and founds the Later Liang Dynasty. He takes the male protagonist (Darren Wang) under his wing, granting him the name Zhu Youwen and title Prince of Bo. A decade later, Zhou Youwen meets and falls in love with Ma Zhaixing (Li Qin), the daughter of a governor.

Living with humans doesn’t seem to have tamed Zhu Youwen’s nature, and the trailer seems to be suggesting that he can also transform  into a wolf. Despite the wild streak, Zhu Youwen is an intelligent and honest prince who spends his time campaigning against his foster father’s harsh political reforms and tries to prevent his brothers from weakening the kingdom in their fight for the throne.

In history, Zhu Youwen is later killed by Zhu Wen’s biological son Zhu Yougui (Lin Youwei), though the drama will probably take a similar route as Prince of Lanling and give the hero a new identity as a vigilante who only serves the people. Xiao Zhan (boyband X-Nine) rounds out the love triangle as Ji Chong, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Jin who also works as a bounty hunter.

Costars include Xin Zhilei (Brotherhood of Blades II) as Yao Ji, Guo Shuyao (Attention Love 520) as a Khitan princess and Zang Hongna (Above the Clouds) as the descendant of a powerful general.

The 48 episode drama is produced by Chen Yushan (Our Times, Lady and the Liar, Prince of Lanling) and directed by Meng Fan (The Stalker).

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  1. The poster and trailer looks gorgeous. Probably my favorite Li Qin ancient drama styling so far.

    What’s with the English song, though? I had to check to see if another tab was playing an ad.

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