Xu Jiao and Celina Jade. I always think Celina Jade looks so familiar but I can’t figure out who she looks like.   

Actress and hanfu aficionado Xu Jiao  wore  her first hanfu-styled dress  to an international red carpet today at the “The Shape of Water” premier at the Venice Film Festival. I like how the dress doesn’t look too out of place but is clearly inspired by hanfu.    The dress was designed by her friend and I want it.

Here’s some more recent photos of Xu Jiao wearing hanfu-inspired clothes in unexpected places because why not. I believe most of those are for sale on taobao if you want them.


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9 thoughts on “Xu Jiao debuts hanfu look at Venice Film Festival”

      1. This is an attempt to smear the Hanfu movement as racist, which ironically mirrors the belief by some in the Chinese government that hanfu revival is a threat to minority groups in China.

      2. the author’s twitter page doesn’t have anything good to say about china. Inflaming the hanfu movement by injecting ‘racial purity’ suits his objective.

  1. Haha I think Celina Jade looks slightly like Angelababy (but I have been called 脸盲 by multiple people sooo) also she was Doctor Rachel in 战狼2! Also thank you so much for running this site :)

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