Ju Jingyi, Zhang Zhehan, Merxat for Legend of Yun Xi

Character posters have been released for Legend of Yun Xi 芸汐传, the upcoming ‘light historical drama’ (nicer way of saying youth idol drama in ancient clothing) starring Ju Jingyi (Xuanyuan Sword Legend: Clouds of Han) as Han Yunxi, a noble lady who likes to dabble with medicine and poison.

Zhang Zhehan and Merxat, who both starred in Above the Clouds, will be playing the female protagonist’s love interests. For some reason, Han Yunxi (Ju Jingyi) becomes engaged to Long Feiye, the Prince of Qin (Zhang Zhehan), and gets involved in various political conspiracies after marriage. She helps cure several officials suffering from a strange sickness, and roots out all of the spies in her husband’s household. The Prince of Qin eventually falls in love with his smart and kind consort, and live a happy life outside the Palace.

Merxat plays the romantic seventh young sir of the Gu family who has a one-sided love for Yunxi. Introduced as the Master of the Medicine Ghost Valley, he is later revealed to be Jun Yixie, the prince of a rival kingdom. Wang Youshuo (Forever Young) plays a happy-go-lucky young lad who is skilled in combat, and Ju Jingyi’s SNH48 bandmates also play various roles in the drama.

The 40 episode web drama is adapted from Jiemo’s novel Genius Poison Consort, and will be written by Jin Yuanyuan (secondary writer on Fighter of the Destiny). Directing are Lim Kam-lung (Heart Painter) and Liu Zhenming (the upcoming Zhaoge).

4 thoughts on “Ju Jingyi, Zhang Zhehan, Merxat for Legend of Yun Xi

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  2. Nice article! Slight correction though, Merxat is playing as Gu Qishao, not Jun Yixie. JYX is a completely different character from the novel. :)

      • Omg really?! I know they combined Chu Qingge & Duanmu Yao, and what seems to be Baili Ningxiang + Murong Wanru…but Gu plus that jerk JYX?!? Wahhh~

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