Collection of new drama stills for Chinese Valentine’s Day

August 28th is Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival), and several productions have released stills to celebrate the occasion.

Actors featured (in order): Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Joe Chen, Chen Xiao, Qi Ji, Hai Lu, Yang Zi, Ren Jialun, Zhou Xun, Wallace Huo, Fan Bingbing, Gao Yunxiang, Tang Yixin, Raymond Lam, Tang Yan, Shawn Dou, Zheng Shuang, Ma Tianyu, Ariel Lin and Liu Ye

Legend of Fuyao

Queen Dugu

Dugu Qieluo & Yang Jian

Yuwen Yong & Ashina

The Destiny of White Snake

Bai Yaoyao & Xu Xuan / Zi Xuan

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace

Ruyi & Hongli (Qianlong)

Win the World (Poor Ying Zheng is getting involved in so many romances recently…)

Ba Qing & Ying Zheng

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Rule the World

Dong’ge (Hailanzhu) & Huang Taiji

See You Again

Shi Jian & Ye Jiacheng

Cry Me A Sad River

Yi Yao & Qi Ming

Old Boy (Photos by Chen Man)

Lin Xiaoou & Wu Zheng


7 thoughts on “Collection of new drama stills for Chinese Valentine’s Day

  1. XDramaX, Thank you for your fabulous last few posts.
    I don’t have much hope for Joe Chen’s upcoming drama though the drama offers rare appearance of Qi Ji, but some of the other dramas look promising. JC’s acting and drama choices are rather “interesting”. One may say the same about Ray Lam and Zheng Shuang.
    As was your experience with Yang Mi in Brotherhood of Blades 2, I’ve never been drawn to YM’s acting. But at least E Ruan’s acting in the latest Weasel drama is OK. So hopefully the YM-ER combination will work.
    I also hope Tang Yan’s acting can be more engaging. Especially since she likes to star in many dramas a year, and yet she has limited expression in many of them. Is TY doing the drama or movie version of C-scifi 3-body problem? I thought I read that somewhere.
    Did you watch / like Chen Kun’s Beautiful Accident? I watched it but wasn’t crazy about it.

    • No problem. :)

      I think it’s a feat in itself that Joe Chen is continuing the rule the idol drama landscape, though it does become a hard label to shake off. In recent interviews she called Queen Dugu a “proper historical / 正剧”, even though the promos suggest otherwise.

      I can see considerable improvement if I compare YM in Gong to YM in TLTWTMPB, though voice actress Ji Guanlin really helped elevate her performance in the latter. Keeping my hopes low for Fuyao until I see some actual footage. :p

      Tang Yan’s in the movie version of TBP, though there seems to be internal disagreements regarding CGI quality, hence the long delay.

      I did watch Beautiful Accident – Gwei Lunmei is too young to be playing a mum, and having everything happen in 1 week was too big a stretch. I probably wouldn’t have watched it if Chen Kun wasn’t guest-starring.

      • In Mainland, sometimes once an actress is well-liked in one role, no matter what role that actress takes after that, the actress will always garner some hundred million views. ZS, Zhao Liying. Often YM, LSS, TY and Fan BB too. Even Joe Chen is kind of there. JC’s Stay with Me was bad (As was the ridiculous Cruel Romance). Ji Guanlin’s sloppy dubbing of JC in SwM didn’t help JC or the drama. It made me wonder if SwM paid dubber JG a lot less than her usual rate.

        Of this list of dramas, I’m probably most hopeful of Old Boy. Despite I rarely watch Liu Ye dramas and feel lukewarm towards his past drama roles.

        I hope Legend of Demon Cat will turn out better than Beautiful Accident. That’s the only film I’m somewhat anticipating.

        I hope you’ll be able to watch Fuyao.

  2. Sigh. It just reminds me that I have no idea when they are gonna get released and even if they get released, I have no idea if we will get subtitles. Sigh. One can only pray to the Dramagods!! Heh.

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