Review: Let’s Shake It Eps 1 – 7


Potentially the weirdest drama I’ve seen in a while, but also one of the cutest.

Let’s Shake It 颤抖吧,阿部! is so strange  that it works.  The female lead is an alien slave trader, the male lead trains people to smash their heads with bricks, the other male lead is a cat half of the time,   and the director interjects the drama with random scenes of little kids poking fun at the plot.

When alien human traders Abu (An Yuexi) and Meow (Wang Yanyang)  crash  on Earth, they  take over the body of the recently murdered Tang Qingye and a cat to survive.   As they try to get rescued from Earth, they slowly uncover the real reason their spaceship was attacked and a plot to harvest humans for world domination. Watch as Abu gains sympathy for those she once thought sub-alien and even falls for her human adopted brother (Zheng Yecheng), who it turns out may be the heir to the throne.

Before leaving prom, the boys poses for a photo to remember the night.

The series is fun from the start to the end, poking fun at modern traditions like selfies. Every character in the drama is clearly nuts, but since that is the premise, it somehow works. All five of the leads have great chemistry with each other.  Plus, The rom com actually managed to deal  with the transformation of the female lead seeing humans as slaves versus equal beings without being cringy.


I kind of want this dress.

An Yuexi is cute as an alien adjusting to human life.   Zheng Yecheng nails his comedic timing while being stoic at the same time. Plus, his face is adorable.  The other two male leads, while not as cute, are still fun.   I also like how Meow has potentially the craziest romantic life out of all cdramas, with aliens, humans, and cats falling for him.

Also, big fan of the costumes, especially An Yuexi’s. They’re super cartoonish, but somehow works for her equally cartoonish character.

Overall, I definitely recommend the series for a  fun, quirky break from the more melodramatic dramas of late.  Plus, the leads are very easy on the eyes.

On a side note, Zheng Yecheng’s caught my eyes in everything I’ve seen him in, be it minor roles in Ancient Sword or Realm of Love: The Long Ballad, or the best character in the entire series of O2O, so I really hope he can take on bigger roles. My secret wish for him is to take on more martial arts roles  since he has a solid wusheng (warrior) training in Peking Opera from the Central Drama Academy.


6 thoughts on “Review: Let’s Shake It Eps 1 – 7

  1. Watched this based on this post. It’s addictive like Princess Go Go. Utterly ridiculous but it ties in with the lead female character whose an alien….I guess they finally got tired of the time travel travel story line?
    Worth a watch cos there’s a storyline, lovely colours & filming (soft dreamy focus of the cute guys), several cute guys to ogle & it’s hilarious!

  2. I think China is doing well in producing these short webdramas. It seems like the style they are going for is “it’s so ridiculous, it starts becoming funny”. Go Princess Go, Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me are two of the more popular ones that I recall amongst those that I watched and liked. I think I’ll give this a try too!

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