Zhuge Liang finally appears in new stills for The Advisors Alliance

The Advisors Alliance became less addictive ever since the awesome Cao Cao (Yu Hewei) and Yang Xiu (Zhai Tianlin) passed away, but these new stills have definitely piqued my interest for part 2 of the drama.

Part 2 will focus on Sima Yi’s conflict with Zhuge Liang (Wang Luoyong) and Cao Shuang (Du Yiheng). His deteriorating relationship with the Cao family eventually paves the way for the Sima family’s coup d’état.

The Advisors Alliance: Howling Tiger, Roaring Dragon is set to air sometime in the Fall.

Behind-the-scenes: (1), (2)

First up is Zhuge Liang, the mastermind behind the famous Empty Fort Strategy (Romance of the Three Kingdoms).

Liu Huan (Female Butler) plays Cao Pi’s eldest son Cao Rui, future Emperor of Cao Wei.

2 thoughts on “Zhuge Liang finally appears in new stills for The Advisors Alliance

  1. They need to mix the romance and politics. I watch without subs and do not miss an episode. Cao Cao is so insecure and Sima Yi constantly falls into the politics. He’s so good. The one turn off is how he gave him a concubine because Zhang Chunhua is smart and strong. And to spy on them effectively creating a rift in their relationship. Yet also increasing their bond and fight for power.I really want to do a review on the series when it ends. I know it’s not accurate history but the cast is amazing.I cannot wait for Part 2.

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