Yu Zheng joins in on the Qing Dynasty drama parade

First it was Gong vs. Bu Bu Jing Xin, then Gong II vs. Legend of Zhen Huan, and now this time it’s Yanxi Gonglue vs. Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace. Yu Zheng may have toned down on the bright colours, but his lawsuit with Qiong Yao doesn’t seem to have killed off his bad habits of plagiarism.

The drama is titled The Story of Yanxi Palace   延禧攻略literally Guidebook to Yanxi Palace, and will chronicle the life of Consort Ling, the main resident of the palace. Wu Jinyan (Guardian of Beauty) plays Wei Yingluo, the enthusiastic and plucky female lead who enters the palace to find the truth behind her older sister’s death. The kind-hearted Empress Fucha, played by Qin Lan (Let’s Fall in Love), takes Yingluo under her wing, and persuades the latter to let go of revenge.

Unfortunately, the Empress soon succumbs to illness, and asks Yingluo to care for and support the Emperor (Nie Yuan) before passing away. Yingluo keeps her promise, and eventually becomes Qianlong’s beloved Consort Ling.

Costars include Charmaine Sheh (Bet Hur) as Consort Xian and later the Step-Empress Ulanara, Xu Kai (new actor under Yu Zheng)as Empress Fucha’s brother Fuheng, Su Qing (Kunlun Palace) as his wife, Wang Guanyi (Summer’s Desire) as Qianlong’s trusted general Hailanqa, Tan Zhuo (Wrath of Silence) as Imperial Noble Consort Huixian, Wang Yuanke (Once Upon A Time in Changjiang) as Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui and Zhang Jiani (Ode to Gallantry) as the Fragrant Concubine.

The 50 episode drama is directed by Hui Kaidong (Hidden Tiger) and Wen Deguang (Change A Lifestyle) and scripted by Yu Zheng.

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  1. Gong II vs…. Legend of Zhen Huan? Those are on 2 completely different levels lol what even is there to compare? Yu Zheng can fall off the face of the earth for all I care.

  2. After a myriad of painfully bright looking IP and other idol dramas, I really grow to appreciate the proper lighting and natural looking shadows

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