First stills of Zheng Shuang, Ma Tianyu for Cry Me A Sad River

Cry Me A Sad River has released first stills of the OTP, played by Ma Tianyu (The Founding of an Army) and Zheng Shuang (Rush to the Dead Summer).

Yi Yao and Qi Ming are neighbours who grew up in the same longtang (narrow lanes separating traditional townhouses in Shanghai). He’s always positioned himself as a protective older brother figure, and supports Yi Yao through various hardships. At the cusp of graduation, Qi Ming and Yi Yao finally open up about their feelings to each other, though their relationship is plagued with misunderstandings after entering the workforce.

By all accounts, the original story is a pretty depressing read, so it’s no surprise the show would try to avoid the most controversial plot points. The 50 episode drama comes from the team behind Rush to the Dead Summer, and is planning to air sometime next year.

7 thoughts on “First stills of Zheng Shuang, Ma Tianyu for Cry Me A Sad River

  1. That sucks I wish they had keep the original story or at least keep it close to it but why does it have to be 50 episodes. Any way I love how the book even though it is depressing but it was still good. I was hoping it would be similar to the book but eh whatever might give it a look to see how it is once it comes out. 😑

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