Aaron Kwok, Wang Qianyuan, Liu Tao star in upcoming crime thriller

Peacebreaker 破·局 is an adaption of South Korean crime action thriller A Hard Day, and stars Aaron Kwok (One Night Only) as a police officer who tries to cover his tracks after committing a crime. Wang Qianyuan (Lost in the Moonlight) costars as the mysterious man who knows his secret, and Liu Tao (The Advisors Alliance) makes an appearance as Kwok’s wife.

On the way to his mother’s funeral, police officer Gao Jianxiang (Aaron Kwok) crashes into a homeless man. Afraid of being charged for manslaughter on top of alleged bribery, he hides the victim in the trunk, and later nails the body into his mother’s coffin.

When Gao Jianxiang returns to the police station, he finds out the bribery investigation was called off by a lieutenant (Wang Qianyuan). Gao’s team is then ordered to search for a dangerous criminal, who turns out to be the man he killed. While the police home in on his mother’s grave, Gao Jianxiang receives a call from the lieutenant, who attempts to blackmail the former into revealing the location of the body.

The film is directed by Lian Yiqi (Secret Fruit), and will hit cinemas on August 17th.




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