Wallace Chung is a genius musician in Healing Love

New stills and teasers have been released for Healing Love, the upcoming drama that revolves around Wallace Chung’s (General and I) genius violinist and conductor who later becomes hearing-impaired, and his journey to find true love.

Fang Haosheng (Wallace Chung) returns to China after formally breaking up with his estranged girlfriend (Chen Ran), and meets warm-hearted speech pathologist Han Han (Wang Xiaochen). Their romance doesn’t receive the blessings of Fang Haosheng’s father, who thinks his son deserves better.

Both father and son work out their differences after Fang Haosheng saves their family business from bankruptcy, though his ex-girlfriend decides to stir things up again by making him choose between a successful career and his love for Han Han. Qiao Zhenyu (Psychologist) completes the main love square as the mysterious second male lead Xu Dong’an.

Produced by Wallace Chung, the 55 episode drama is aiming for a 2018 broadcast on Hunan TV.


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