Liao Fan, Li Yifeng team up in Guilty of Mind

Guilty of Mind 心理罪 is based on the first book in Lei Mi’s crime thriller novel series, and stars Li Yifeng (Noble Aspirations) and Liao Fan (Only You) as an unlikely student-detective duo who are tasked with solving a serial murder case.

Li Yifeng plays Fang Mu, a genius criminal psychology student who is enlisted by the police force to help catch a copycat serial murderer. Liao Fan stars opposite him as Tai Wei, an experienced detective who struggles to come to terms with his inner demons.

Costars include Wan Qian (The Glory of Tang Dynasty) as a medical examiner, Li Chun (Coming Home, Once Upon A Time) as Fang Mu’s first love and Yu Lang (Falling Down Season 2) as Tai Wei’s assistant. A short preview was released earlier in the year, along with behind-the-scenes clips of the two leads.

Guilty of Mind is directed by Xie Dongshen (Only You) and written by Gu Xiaobai (Hide and Seek), and is set to premiere on August 11.

2 thoughts on “Liao Fan, Li Yifeng team up in Guilty of Mind

  1. The actor who portrayed the TV version of Fang Mu ruined the show for me. His acting was horrible (Thank goodness he has improved since that show.) I’m sure Li Yi Feng can do a better job at playing Fang Mu. As for the character Tai Wei, I love my TV version. Wang Long Zheng was awesome as him!

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