William Chan, Ma Sichun are dark and gritty in Age of Legends posters

Filming has begun for upcoming crime action drama Age of Legends 橙红年代, an adaption of Xiaoqixiao’s novel of the same name.

William Chan (Lost Love in Times) plays Liu Yiguang, a hot-blooded youth who returns to his hometown after eight years, and becomes a true hero who protects them from dangerous criminals and shady corporations. Ma Sichun (Soul Mate) plays Hu Rong, a badass police woman and Liu Yiguang’s main love interest.

The supporting cast includes Liu Yijun (Lost Love in Times) as main antagonist Nie Wanfeng, Chen Yao (So Young) as the CEO of a large corporate firm who has romantic feelings for the protagonist, He Minghan (Double Sweet Wife) as a loyal police officer, Ye Zuxin (My Ruby, My Blood) as Liu Yiguang’s good friend Bei Xiaoshuai and Li Jianyi (In the Name of the People) as an ex-soldier and car mechanic.

Age of Legends is helmed by director Liu Xin (Little Valentine), and will have 50 episodes.

4 thoughts on “William Chan, Ma Sichun are dark and gritty in Age of Legends posters

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  2. Apparently in the original novel, the male lead eventually runs and becomes the president of an African country… Dear production team: please feel free to cut that part out.

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