The Destiny of White Snake releases long trailer

Here’s the first trailer for The Destiny of White Snake, a re-imagination of the popular Chinese legend about a thousand-year old snake demon who falls in love with a human. Yang Zi (Legend of the Dragon Pearl) and Ren Jialun (Glory of Tang Dynasty) play a white snake spirit (what’s with the cartoon CGI?) and a deity respectively, who fall in love and are subsequently banished to the mortal world.

A thousand years later, the white snake spirit, now named Bai Yaoyao, discovers that her lover has been reincarnated as Xu Xuan, the master of Yaoshi Palace. They begin as a bickering couple, and slowly develop romantic feelings for each other. Unfortunately their happiness is short-lived, as Xu Xuan’s jealous disciple sister, played by He Dujuan (Surgeons), transforms into a demon and unleashes a dangerous beast on the human world.

Li Man (A Busy Night) plays Bai Yaoyao’s sidekick and younger sister Xiao Qing, and will have her own love line with Qi Xiao, played by Mao Zijun (Legend of the Dragon Pearl). Costars include Angie Chiu and Carina Lau as powerful immortals and Liu Xueyi (Noble Aspirations) as the demon Zhan Huang.

Directed by Yin Tao (second director in Gory of Tang Dynasty) and Liu Guohui (Noble Aspirations), the 50 episode series is tentatively scheduled to air on Anhui TV and Beijing TV as a weekly drama later this year.

6 thoughts on “The Destiny of White Snake releases long trailer

  1. I’m not sure about using both a Wolverine gauntlet AND strangely clean-lined Wolverine brow intensity. I’m not saying it was a mistake, necessarily, but I’m not quite sure about it…

  2. Ok. I stopped a couple minutes in… I didn’t know what to expect and it would’ve been hard to top the original drama and movie. Sad to see Angie doing a cameo in this and not something that warrants her appearance.

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