First stills for Shawn Dou, Miao Miao’s From Survivor to Healer

Shawn Dou just came off a well-received performance as Yan Xun in Princess Agents, and is currently filming modern romance drama From Survivor to Healer 爱上你治愈我 with rising actress Miao Miao (Xiao Qi in Princess Agents, female lead in Feng Xiaogang’s Youth).

The drama is billed as a heartwarming drama focusing on the issue of mental health. Rather than just one brilliant physician, this drama is giving us three genius doctors that have IQs over 135. Shawn Dou plays Yan Shuren, a psychiatrist who starts to question his choice of career after finding out about his mother’s death. Miao Miao plays Sun Shu, his first love who is now a psychologist.

Peng Guanying (Princess of Lanling King) plays a plastic surgeon who takes a liking to Sun Shu, but his confessions of love are rejected once she rekindles her relationship with Yan Shuren. Wang Sisi (Say No For Youth) completes the main love square as a successful businesswoman who harbours a one-sided love for the male lead. Costars include Chin Shi-chieh (Brotherhood of Blades II), Zhou Yiwei (The Great Shaolin), Pan Hong (Kill Time) and Zhang Junning (Fighter of the Destiny).

The 48 episode drama is directed by Cao Dun (Tribes and Empires) and Cheng Qiang (Naked Marriage Afterwards), and will premiere in 2018.

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