Now this is a drama where viewers won’t have to worry about awkward acting – A-list veteran Zhang Jiayi (White Deer Plain) and talented child-star-turned-grownup Zhang Yishan (Ten Miles of Spring Scenery Can’t Compare to You) are confirmed to star in the upcoming drama Uncle and Youth 大叔与少年.

Yang Jingang (Zhang Jiayi) is about to be released from prison after serving his term, only to find out his daughter (Wang Yizhe) has fallen in love with the rebellious and good-for-nothing brat Jia Yu (Zhang Yishan). Jiang Fushun sees his younger self in Jia Yu, and is attempts to keep his daughter away. Unfortunately they end in failure, and Yang Jingang is determined to “reform” his future son-in-law.

The drama is directed by Guan Hu (Run For Love, Mr. Six) and has already started filming for a 2018 release.

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