Summer’s Desire remake confirms leading trio

The latest remake of popular romance novel Summer’s Desire 泡沫之夏 by Ming Xiaoxi has confirmed its leads. Zhang Xueying (Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds) will be playing female lead Xia Mo, an orphan who becomes a trainee at a recording company to help pay for her brother’s medical bills.

Qin Junjie (Legend of the Dragon Pearl) will be playing Ou Chen, a possessive and rich gaming company CEO who discovers Xia Mo’s talent and invites her to become the female lead of his new drama. New actor Huang Shengchi (My Mr. Mermaid) rounds out the main love triangle as Xia Mo’s misunderstood first love turned movie superstar Luo Xi.

I’m still scratching my head over why producers would remake such an outdated story (same goes for the upcoming remake of Meteor Garden), though at least the leads seem to be pretty good at their craft. The 40 episode drama is produced by Chen Yushan (Our Times, Autumn’s Concerto, My Lucky Star, Prince Turns to Frog), directed by Yu Zhongzhong (Healing Master) and written by original author Ming Xiaoxi.

4 thoughts on “Summer’s Desire remake confirms leading trio

  1. Love Zhang Xueying and Qin Junjie, but he is so wrong for the role. The two male leads should have a bigger contrast, with one being mixed and larger built, while the other guy as more feminine. I don’t know why they keep doing weird casting (like Huang Xiaoming should’ve been Ou Chen). Qin Junjie could’ve pulled off Luoxi but doesn’t have the built for Ou Chen at all.

    • Twdrama episodes are longer than cdrama episodes, though. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they added filler to pad it out.

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