Shanghai’s gang lords unveiled in new teaser for Great Expectations

The new trailer for Great Exectations 远大前程 focuses on second generation mob bosses Huang Jinrong, Du Yuesheng and Zhang Xiaolin, played by veteran actors Ni Dahong (Intrude the Widow Village at Midnight), Zhao Lixin (Chinese Style Relationship) and Liu Yijun (Lost Love in Times) respectively.

Chen Sicheng and Yuan Hong (Let’s Fall in Love) play a pair of friends who travel up to Shanghai to seek refuge with labourer Yan Hua (Fu Dalong). The former becomes involved in a love triangle with an orphan who is intent on avenging her father’s death (Tong Liya) and the daughter of the richest man in Shanghai (Amber Kuo). Of course, he later learns to put aside personal feelings for the greater good, aka the promulgation of Communist ideology.

The solid supporting cast includes Guo Jinglin (National Bottom Line), Tan Kai (The First Half of My Life), Chin Shi-chieh (Brotherhood of Blades II), Lian Yiming (TLTWTMPB) and Xu Yajun (In the Name of the People).

Great Expectations is co-produced and written by Chen Sicheng, whose previous directing and writing credits include Detective Chinatown and Beijing Love Story. The 60 episode drama is slated to air later this year.

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