Tang Yan, Luo Jin confirmed for The Way We Were

Drama costars turned real-life couple Tang Yan and Luo Jin are confirmed for The Way We Were 归去来, a drama revolving around the life of exchange students. This will be their fourth collaboration after A Beauty in Troubled Times, Agent X and The Princess Weiyoung.

Tang Yan plays Xiao Qing, daughter of an incorruptible prosecutor. Luo Jin stars as Shu Che, son of a government official who refuses to use the back doors his father has opened. They meet as university classmates, and soon fall in love.

Unfortunately for the young couple, Shu Che’s father has secret dealings with a successful businessman, and Xiao Qing’s father is getting closer to finding out the truth. Perfect for those who want a heart-wrenching romance with some anti-corruption propaganda sprinkled on top.

Screenwriting duo Gao Xuan and Ren Baoru’s previous drama Farewell, Vancouver revolved around a similar theme, so this should be familiar territory for them. This will also be their second collaboration with Tang Yan after See You Again. Directed by Liu Jiang (The Battle at the Dawn), the 50 episode drama has already started filming.



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