Character posters for Legend of Fuyao

The new posters for Legend of Fuyao make it seem like Yang Mi (Brotherhood of Blades II) and Ethan Ruan (Begin Again) are endorsing some online game – hopefully the leads will look better in action.

Liu Yijun (Lost Love in Times) plays Qi Zhen, the state preceptor who desires to become king. Gao Weiguang (Mr Pride vs Miss Prejudice) plays the passionate second male lead Zhan Beiye, who has an unrequited love for the female lead. New actress Zhang Yaxin (Schoolyard Legend: Three Lives Three Worlds Peach Blossom Destiny) costars as the lovable Yalanzhu, princess of the Fufeng kingdom who has a one-sided love for Zhan Beiye.

The group of friends will travel through the kingdoms, and eventually make their way across the sea to defeat Di Feitian, the evil guardian of the Firmament (who ALSO has complicated romantic feelings for Meng Fuyao).

Directed by Yang Wenjun (So Young) and written by Jie Yanyan (City of Hopeless Love), the 60 episode drama has been filming since June 27th.

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