The Advisors Alliance: Howling Tiger, Roaring Dragon trailer

Part 2 of The Advisors Alliance 大军师司马懿之虎啸龙吟 has released  a trailer, and it looks much more exciting than how the first one ended. The quality of part 1 went  down half way through when Cao Cao died and Sima Yi got involved in a love triangle, though I still recommend it for Cao Cao and the cute Cao Pi-Guo Zhao ship.  Hopefully season 2 will focus more on   strategy and nation-building (and the Sima sons) instead of unappetizing love triangles

3 thoughts on “The Advisors Alliance: Howling Tiger, Roaring Dragon trailer

  1. When Cao Cao first died, I thought, “oh boy, the drama is going down hill from.” But it didn’t. It’s just as good but in a different kind of way. Even the so-call “love triangle” was alright because I liked “the other woman” even thought I love YC to the end of the world. But you are right, this drama is not about romance. It is really about how Sima Yi plot his way to taking over the world.

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