Catch Wang Kai on Times Square 07/28-08/02

Ever wanted to see Ming Cheng, Xiao Jingyan, or Doctor Zhao on the big screen? Now’s your chance. Design by: @长期搬书气自华

If you’ll be  around New York City this  07/28-08/02, catch Wang Kai’s ads in two locations, above Europa Cafe on 7th and 43rd at the 11th minute of every hour.  Wang Kai’s fans won this in some sort of Yinyuetai version of Portal.   I don’t really understand the Chinese obsession with Times Square ads, but at least these are pretty.

2 thoughts on “Catch Wang Kai on Times Square 07/28-08/02

  1. Well, good for them! I don’t know what Yinyuetai or Portal are, but that’s top-quality fandom. When your core fans spend their time doing positive and productive things on your behalf, you must be doing something right. I intend to show this to a few ground soldiers in the interminable Khan Triumvirate Conflict.

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