Eddie Peng plays the monkey king in upcoming fantasy film

Eddie Peng (Our Time Will Come) stars as the classic character in the upcoming Wukong 悟空传, a film based off Jin Hezai’s (Tribes and Empires, Wings of Wind) novel of the same name. Ni Ni (Suddenly Seventeen) costars as his true love Ah Zi, and Ou Hao (Blood of Youth) plays General Tianpeng.

The story takes place before Journey to the West, and focuses on Sun Wukong’s rebellion against the Heavens after they destroy Mount Huaguo. In the celestial court, he meets and falls in love with Ah Zi, though their romance is doomed to end in tragedy.

Tianpeng (known as Zhu Bajie in the mortal world) is determined to remain by Ah Yue’s (Zheng Shuang) side, and also joins in on Sun Wukong’s rebellion. The supporting cast include Shawn Yue (Love off the Cuff) as their archenemy Yang Jian / Er Langshen, Qiao Shan (Some Like It Hot) as JuanLian and Yu Feihong (Eastern Battlefield) as Lady Hua, supreme ruler of the Heavens.

The film will be released on July 13th.

More teasers: (1), (2), (3)

Theme song MVs: Equal to Heaven by Hua Chenyu | Legend of Wukong by City of Rock

Insert song MV: Emptiness by Terry Lin Zhixuan

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