Liu Yifei for Harper’s Bazaar

Liu Yifei becomes a fairy in this photoshoot to promote her upcoming film Once Upon a Time. You know that foxes like the one she portrays in the film probably eat bunnies, right?

2 thoughts on “Liu Yifei for Harper’s Bazaar

  1. It’s OK for a fox to have bunny friends; humans also eat bunnies, but some still keep them as pets, too! Bunnies are actually pretty darned good converters (as in food-not-useful-to-humans in, food-very-useful-to-humans out).

    At this point I’m in a Harry Potter situation with Three Lives. I’m uncommonly aware of it for a story I’ve never read or watched in any form! It’s a little strange, because it’s so ambient I feel I might actually have opinions about it, but then I remember I can’t claim any basis for those opinions. I hope the fans of this story have a lot of fun with this film, though!

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