More tears in Once Upon a Time’s new teaser

Liu Yifei and Yang Yang‘s fantasy romance film Once Upon a Time has released a pretty new teaser, and focuses on Bai Qian / Susu and Ye Hua’s heart-wrenching romance. Images of significant locations have also been released – for those familiar with the source novel (or drama adaption), how many can you recognise?

3 thoughts on “More tears in Once Upon a Time’s new teaser

  1. Wow the visuals in this movie are absolutely incredible! Really looking forward to this. I LOVED the drama version (and Yang Mi has always been one of my favourite actresses) but it looks like the movie version can totally do the story justice as well!

    I’ve always found Liu Yifei to be rather wooden and more of a pretty face than a good actress (though to be fair I haven’t really seen much of her recent works)–however from this trailer she’s REALLY impressing me! She’s displaying so much emotion and seems totally believable as Su Su and Bai Qian.

    Yang Yang is super handsome as per usual so definitely no complaints there. XD I know some fans feel he is too young and missing the “gravitas” aura of Ye Hua, so that remains to be seen, but I’m sure the eye candy will more than distract me from that anyways, haha.

    (Looks like this is one novel that might get pretty much a perfect drama AND movie adaptation, how rare is that??)

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