Sun Li, Deng Chao to romance each other onscreen in upcoming period film

Shadow 影 will be real-life married couple Deng Chao (The Dead End) and Sun Li’s (Legend of Mi Yue) third film collaboration, after Mural 画壁 and Devil and Angel 恶棍天使. Those movies were quite disastrous, so here’s to hoping Zhang Yimou (The Flowers of WarComing Home) can work his magic this time round.

The story will be set in the ancient province of Jingzhou, a key province that was split between the three warlords Cao Cao (Wei), Liu Bei (Shu) and Sun Quan (Wu).

Shadow had earlier confirmed a solid supporting cast that includes Zheng Kai (Precious Youth), Hu Jun (In the Silence), Wang Qianyuan (The Battle at the Dawn), Wu Lei (Magic Star) and Guan Xiaotong (Castle in the Sky).

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