Zhou Xun’s Our Time Will Come to premiere on July 1st

Our Time Will Come has released a new trailer and stills of the cast led by Zhou Xun (Hema Hema: Sing Me A Song While I Wait), Eddie Peng (Duckweed) and Wallace Huo (Reset).

In the early 1940s, the Japanese invade Hong Kong and the Anti-Japanese East River guerillas are ordered by their superiors to protect the lives of 20 intellectuals and help them escape Japanese occupation. Zhou Xun stars as Fang Gu, a school teacher who takes up arms to defend her homeland from Japanese occupation. Eddie Peng plays Liu Heizai, a skilled fighter and leader of the undercover operation against the Japanese.

Wallace Huo plays Li Jinrong, a naive young man who gets slapped in the face by reality and ends up infiltrating the Japanese forces to ferret out crucial intelligence. The star-studded supporting cast include Guo Tao (I Am Not Madame Bovary), Huang Zhizhong (National Bottom Line), Jiang Wenli (Hey Kids), Tony Leung Ka-fai (League of Gods) and Chun Xia (Hide and Seek).

Directed and written by Ann Hsui, Our Time Will Come will premiere on July 1st.

Promotional theme song by Zhang Bichen


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