Hu Bingqing’s Legend of Dugu releases long trailer

Legend of Dugu has released an 8 minute trailer that gives us some more insight into the Dugu sisters and their relationships. Hu Bingqing (Midnight Diner) plays Dugu Qieluo and Zhang Danfeng (Little Lucky) plays her husband Yang Jian, the future emperor of the Sui Dynasty.

The story begins with the prophecy “Whoever enlists the Dugu [family/daughters] will rule the world”, and the three sisters are forced to choose between power or love. Don’t be surprised if the phrase sounds familiar, because it was used liberally in Nirvana in Fire (divine talent) and The Glory of Tang Dynasty (jade pendant).

Ady An (Royal Sister Returns) plays eldest sister Dugu Banruo, and from the trailer, it seems like she falls in love with Xu Zhengxi‘s (An Angel’s Happiness) Yuwen Hu yet ends up marrying his cousin, the future emperor of Northern Zhou. Li Yixiao (Legend of the Condor Heroes 2016) plays the third sister, who is jealous of her other two sisters for marrying into royalty. (She needn’t have worried, because her son Li Yuan eventually rebels against the Sui Dynasty and founds the Tang Dynasty).

The 50 episode drama is directed by He Shupei (Grandmaster of Taichi) and Lan Zhiwei (The Fox Fairy Court), and written by Zhang Wei (The Imperial Doctress, Legend of Banshu).



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  1. This drama seems more about politics than about romance. Was looking forward to this but I guess I will prefer Joe Chen’s version more.

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