Dilraba gets entangled in a love square in The Flame’s Daughter

Liehuo Ruge / The Flame’s Daughter / Agni Cantabile has released its first stylish teaser. Dilraba (Mr Pride vs Miss Prejudice) stars as Lie Ruge, a young woman who gets romantically entangled with Vic Zhou (Z Storm II), Zhang Binbin and Liu Ruilin (TLTWTMPB).

Lie Ruge breaks up with first love Zhan Feng (Zhang Binbin) after he decides to take revenge on her father Lie Mingjing, whom he believes to be the culprit behind his father Zhan Feitian’s death.

Afterwards, she meets and falls in love with the mysterious martial artist Yin Xue (Vic Zhou), who does his best to protect Ruge from harm. After Zhan Feng kills Ruge’s father, he finds out that he and Ruge were switched at birth, which means he actually murdered his own father (poor guy).

TL;DR: Main antagonist (Lai Yi) goes crazy after his beloved senior sister marries Zhan Feitian, and decides to wreak havoc upon the younger generation.

The drama is directed by Liang Shengquan (The Legend of Flying Daggers) and written by Mobao Feibao (second writer in My Sunshine).

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