Song Jia, Yuan Hong star in The Love Book

The Love Book 爱的正确标记法 is an upcoming rom-com focusing on the quirky relationship between an independent career woman, played by Song Jia (Cherry Returns), and her handsome IT guru husband, played by Yuan Hong (Let’s Fall in Love).

To Zhao Yangguang’s (Yuan Hong) dismay, Bai Canlan (Song Jia) is fine with becoming a mother to his precocious young son from a former marriage, yet doesn’t want a child of their own. This drama will focus on the couple’s bickering romance and how they overcome their differing values.

The Love Book is directed by Zhao Yichao (Marriage Postponed) and written by new screenwriters Wei Jingna (co-writer in the upcoming Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy) and Fu Jiaojiao.

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