Yang Yang to lead drama adaption of popular gaming novel

The King’s Avatar 全职高手 is based on the web serial novel of the same name by Hudie Lan, and stars Yang Yang (I Belonged To You) as Ye Xiu, the best professional player in online game Glory.

For some reason, Ye Xiu is kicked from the team and eventually finds a job as an internet cafe manager. When Glory launches its new server, Ye Xiu returns to the game with a new group of gamers, and the story will revolve around his return to the top of the gaming world.

The comments on Weibo tell me that fans of the original are quite unimpressed with the casting, though I kind of understand where their worries are coming from after seeing Yang Yang’s performance in Love O2O. Maybe he’s improved after spending 7+ months filming under acclaimed director Zhang Li (Martial Universe, Great Ming Dynasty 1566, Founding of a Republic)?

The animated version has been streaming since April, and the official English-subbed episodes can be found here.

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    • King’s Avatar will start filming after Martial Universe wraps up. From what I’ve heard, the three female characters take a backseat in the story, and there’s no clear love line. Yang Yang is the only confirmed cast member so far.

  1. The playlist is here, for your convenience. It’s mildly buried. Thanks for the info; I’ve been wanting to indulge in a bit of animation!

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