Rush to the Dead Summer is a coming-of-age drama starring Chen Xuedong (The Great Wall) as a talented artist who is later swamped with accusations of plagiarism, Zheng Shuang (Love O2O) as his love interest and Bai Jingting (recently seen on well-received variety show Who’s the Murderer?) as his best friend who is not in love with his girlfriend.

The 46 episode drama will begin airing tonight.

Teasers: NostalgiaYouth, Rebellion, Darkness, A Budding Romance, Dreams, Dandelions, 4MIN Trailer

Opening theme song MVRush to the Dead Summer by Hu Xia (Full)

Ending theme song MV: First Memories by Lala Hsu (Full)

5 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Rush to the Dead Summer”

  1. LOL I like how it had to be clarified that the main character’s best friend is not in love with his girlfriend. That’s such a common trope that our default is to assume there will be a love triangle with the best friend 😂

    1. Sad news: I just watched episodes 1 + 2 and the trailers for 3+4, the best friend is totally in love with his girlfriend. Why, scriptwriters, why? Can’t you be a little bit more creative?

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