Here’s the 40 second teaser for Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Changlin, starring Huang Xiaoming (A Life Time Love), Liu Haoran (variety show Give Me Five), Tong Liya (variety show Takes a Real Man 2) and Zhang Huiwen (Crying Out in Love).

Older brother Xiao Pingzhang (Huang Xiaoming) is the powerful general of the Changlin Army (it was created by the Prince of Jing in memory of Mei Changsu), while younger brother (Liu Haoran) is learning martial arts at Langya Hall.

Corrupt politicians and spies from neighbouring kingdoms conspire against the loyal Xiao brothers, and Xiao Pingzhang dies from poison on the battlefield. Xiao Pingjing takes up the mantle after his older brother’s death, though his loyalty is questioned by the young and gullible new Emperor (Hu Xianxu).

The Wind Blows in Changlin comes from the same team behind Nirvana in Fire, and is tentatively scheduled to air as a weekly drama in November.

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