Promo Round-up: Princess Agents

Here are a collection of teasers, posters and stills for Princess Agents, the upcoming period romance drama starring Zhao Liying (Duckweed) as Chu Qiao, a slave girl with big aspirations.

Lin Gengxin stars as Yuwen Yue, the noble who forces Chu Qiao to undergo grueling training to become a spy. Shawn Dou plays the ambitious Yan Xun whose family is later massacred, and Li Qin rounds out the main quartet as Yuan Chun, the princess who harbours an unrequited love for Yan Xun. The extended cast members are featured in the group poster.

The 68 episode drama will begin airing tonight.

In order, the taglines read: “Do not pity me“, “Do not trust me“, “Do not liberate me“, “Do not betray me” and finally, “Do not remember me.”

Ending theme song by G.E.M.

Teasers: (3), (4), (5), (6)


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