Gwei Lun-mei is a successful career woman turned housewife in Beautiful Accident

Beautiful Accident 美好的意外 stars Gwei Lun-mei (Forêt Debussy) as Li Yuran, an ambitious and materialistic lawyer who wakes up as another person after an accident.

Our female protagonist is fiercely independent, and doesn’t see why she would need a man in her life. Due to an administrative error in Heaven, Li Yuran dies earlier than expected, and the director (Wang Jingchun) who guards the path to the afterlife promises she will be able to return to her original life after spending a week in the body of a young housewife.

Li Yuran initially finds it difficult to adjust to her new life as a stay-at-home wife and mother, though she soon calms down and begins to warm up to her new family. The children are played by Ouyang Nana (Yes Mr. Fashion) and Wang Yuanye (son of Huayi CEO Wang Zhonglei), and Chen Kun guest stars as the husband. The theme song sung by EXO’s Suho and Chen can be found here.

Beautiful Accident is directed by He Weiting (The Biggest Toad in the Puddle) and is set to premiere on June 2nd.

4 thoughts on “Gwei Lun-mei is a successful career woman turned housewife in Beautiful Accident

  1. I heard that two much older Hollywood films already had a very similar plot. The older 1940+ film title is in this 1978-film wiki article.

    XdramaX, do you think Gwei Lun Mei has great comic acting chop? She is usually great with her roles in emotional drama, action and rom-com. From trailer, her exaggerating arm swing etc look potentially problematic. Does she have a proven track record in comedy in her past films?
    I’m allergic to a lot of exaggerated facial expressions, loud-voiced, exaggerated limb-movement Taiwanese comic stunts though I like Ariel Lin in many of her comic roles. It’s quite a drive to find a cinema that shows Asian films in my city. It’s not worth it to go watch a mediocre film. This plot sounds rather contrived too, no matter how one looks at it. Not that different from all the never-ending supply of body swapping and time-traveling films either.

    Most viewers hated Ouyang Nana in her TV drama with Chen Xue Dong, Yes Mr Fashion? I didn’t come across any good written reviews for her performance in that drama.

    • I’m not familiar with Gwei Lun-mei’s comedy works, so can’t say anything there.
      Two things I can tell from the trailer:
      1. It looks like the classic popcorn movie
      2. GLM is too young to be Ouyang Nana’s mother.

  2. I saw the trailer for this a few weeks ago (it’s playing in Chicago this coming week) and thought it looked very familiar. It should; it’s a remake of the Uhm Jung-hwa/Song Seung-hun movie “Wonderful Nightmare” (aka “Miss Wife”), released in 2015.

    • I was thinking I read/saw this storyline before but I couldn’t recall the name. Thank you! I loved the movie when it came out. It was just the right amount of humor and tragedy.

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