First teaser for A Life Time Love

There are plenty of tears in the first teaser for A Life Time Love, the upcoming fantasy romance starring Huang Xiaoming and Song Qian as a pair of star-crossed lovers. Sheng Yilun rounds out the main love triangle as a powerful noble and the female lead’s husband.

Zhang Li and Shen Tai will have a tragic romance of their own, and it seems like Luo Yunxi and Wu Qian may be the only couple that gets their happily ever after.

The drama will air 6 episodes a week beginning June 12th.


1 thought on “First teaser for A Life Time Love

  1. Love the poster. One of the better”group shot” posters. What is up with the costumes? Wu Qian, Song Qian and Zhang Li’s outfits all look like the stylist picked up from a prom dress shop .

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