[Lyrics] Among the Peach Blossoms

I use the mountains as my canvas,
I control the waterfalls with my paintbrush,
From up to downstream,
the stream carries my flow
So dope it makes the world jealous

The imagery painted in  Among the Peach Blossoms 桃之夭夭 are some of the best so far out of the often rambling Zhao Yongxin. Complete with a rap in literary Chinese, lines sung in the style of Yi folk songs, zhongguofeng-arrangement,  and weird English lyrics,  the song is like a huge smorgasbord  of Zhao Yongxin’s mind.

The song  was inspired by a late-night literary talk show that Zhao Yongxin watched that used the title of the song, 桃之夭夭. He loved the imagery of the word, and so  a few days later,  he called up  buddy  Zhang Jinghao (Yaoband)  and they wrote it in one night. To be honest, Zhang Jinghao probably wrote that best verse since it sounds like his style.


See that waterlily emerging out of the water,
Who can resist but fall in love with its reflections in the pond.
The rainbow among the rose-blush* skies,
Can also know the flames of a mortal life*,
Crazy like me.


How long must I wait
After the clouds gather and the rain falls, *
After the winds blow and the snow falls, *
Who will lose guard,*

When tomorrow’s moon comes,
Who will share a drink with me.
I pick up my paintbrush, ready to compose,
The ink drops from the paintbrush
The tear drops from the heart-broken man.


Among the peach blossoms*
Sailing with the flow
Among the quaint landscapes,
South of the clouds *
I use the mountains as my canvas,
I control the waterfalls with my paintbrush,
From upstream to downstream,
the stream carries my flow
So dope it makes the world jealous *

*cool literary Chinese  rap here*
*too hard to translate *

QED: With you by my side, I can block out the entire world.
I’m a well-endowed man.
I’m rich man, the wise will know.
Excite me more,
Stimulate me more
What time is it?
I don’t care.*!*

* 胭脂 is rouge used as blush/lip cream in ancient China. Can be used to refer to feminine beauty.
*人间烟火 Literally the foods of mortals (as opposed to immortals who are too good for mortal food).
*翻云覆雨 comes from a poem by Du Fu complaining about how  some people’s attitude to relationships are as unpredictable as the weather
*风花雪月 – originally  used to describe vacuous poetry describing the scenery, it was later  used to describe decadent lifestyles and romances. Historically used with a negative connotation, the term has been used positively in recent years.
*翻云覆雨之后风花雪月失守 Knowing M.I.C., I’m going to guess this line is a fancy metaphor for either stormy sex, a relationship where one side got tricked into sleeping with the other one, or both.
*明月几时有 comes from a poem by Su Shi that asks when was the bright moon first created? The poem compare the waning and waxing of the moon to the uniting and separation of people on Earth. I translated it using a very literal take  to make sense of it with the next line.
*桃之夭夭 is a reference to a Zhou dynasty song  in the Book of Songs that compares a bride to the rosiness of the peach blossoms
*Zhao Yongxin is from the province Yunnan, which literally translate to South of the Clouds.
*some  creative license used in translating 世人妒之

*!* As I was translating this last segment, it dawned on me that this entire song could just be about Zhao Yongxin finally getting in the pants of a woman he’s like for a long time, and all that gorgeous scenic imagery could actually just be a fancier metaphor than watering your vase in My Place.

I demand a personal apology from  Zhao Yongxin and  Zhang Jinghao for tricking me.


4 thoughts on “[Lyrics] Among the Peach Blossoms

  1. Unbelieveable that you like Xiao Xin too! Thanks for your translation, I like it.
    Anyway, I don’t think that this song is about his lover at present. As I know, his ex-girlfriend is not a good person. Although he still compose songs based on his emotion and stories but it does not mean he and that girl come back again.
    (Fans wish him will find another better girl, who can understand and takes care of him carefully)

    • I don’t really care who he’s dating unless it’s me. ;b

      I was just disappointed because MIC has top-notch production values, but third-rate lyrics. Zhao Yongxin rambles soooo much (and that’s not considering all the times he just sings la la la or blah blah blah when he can’t come up with real lyrics) . At one point, I’ve considered passive aggressively buying books of modern poetry and sending it to his company because I love him so much and I know he could write better, and his songs deserve better.

      The portion above the cut was a huge improvement from his usual lyrics since it makes sense, uses simple words to paint a great visualization, actually uses some sort of literary device, AND goes beyond his usual theme of whiny breakups. I feel like the English parts and the more colloquial Chinese parts make the lyrical style inconsistent, and the fact that it’s about getting in someone’s pants shows that he still haven’t broken away from the whiny romances.

      I’m reconsidering sending those books.

      • I am not very good at English so I have to read your comment many times to understand all :p

        I agree with you about the lyrics’ meaning, ramble (that’s why I prefer the old songs to this one) and cohesion of English-Chinese words. Anyway, I hope he puts more various tones to songs. I don’t know how to express this but I feel like these new songs just struggle in an old relationship. And more than 3 songs like this will make me re-think of listening to the whole album or not @@

        It’s so strange to know that you want to send modern poetry books to him with that reason, I really like your idea.
        P/S: I am still waiting for his new songs and support him as much as I can ^_^

        • In his new album, I think all of them but So Good are break-up songs of some form or another. I want to see more Ladybro, When You Look at My Eyes, and Super Daddy, not about getting dumped/cheated on every song.

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