Legend of the Demon Cat has released more behind-the-scenes footage, and this time it focuses on the sets used in the movie. The main cast led by Huang Xuan (Extraordinary Mission) and Shota Sometani also make an appearance.

Set in the later Tang Dynasty, the story begins with the appearance of a mysterious demon cat who can speak the human language. Poet Bai Letian (Huang Xuan) and monk Konghai (Shota Sometani) are tasked with unearthing the truth.

Given the director’s track record, I’m keeping my hopes low for the story, though the visuals are absolutely stunning. Xiangyang’s Tang Dynasty Studios was constructed especially for this movie, and the investment has definitely paid off (on that note, Chen Kun’s upcoming historical drama recently began filming there as well).

Helmed by director Chen Kaige (Monks Come Down the Mountain) and written by Wang Huiling (The Crossing, Red Cliff), Legend of the Demon Cat is slated to premiere on December 22nd.

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  1. Well, the director is not keeping his expectations low… “I think I did it (bring the fantasy and beauty to life successfully)” Fingers crossed!

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