First stills and a theme song for A Life Time Love

A Life Time Love 上古情歌 is loosely based on Tong Hua’s fantasy novel Once Promised, and stars Huang Xiaoming (Xuan Zang), Song Qian (Ice Fantasy), Sheng Yilun (Pretty Li Huizhen) and Zhang Li (Don’t Go Breaking My Heart). The ending theme song is sung by G.E.M.

Huang Xiaoming plays Chi Yun, a skilled martial artist who grew up in the wilderness. He falls in love with Xuanyang Ruo / Mu Qingmo (Song Qian) at first sight, and openly pursues her once they meet again a couple of years later. She eventually reciprocates his affections, even though her brother (Zhai Tianlin) had already promised her hand in marriage to the powerful noble Lingyun Shenglun (Sheng Yilun).

Shenglun is aware their marriage is only for alliance purposes, and promises to keep their relationship platonic. However, he eventually becomes attracted to the heroine, and is determined to keep her by his side forever. Mu Qingmo does reunite with Chi Yun after suffering through several tribulations, though the plot summary suggests that Chi Yun may end up sacrificing his life to keep Mu Qingmo and her family safe.

Luo Yunxi (Fox in the Screen) and Wu Qian (Fighter of the Destiny), who played Wallace Chung and Tang Yan’s younger counterparts in My Sunshine, play lovers again in this drama.

A Life Time Love is directed by Cai Jingsheng (Don’t Go Breaking My Heart) and written by Rao Jun (The Journey of Flower). The 54 episode drama will air on Dragon TV’s Monday-Tuesday slot from June 12th.

7 thoughts on “First stills and a theme song for A Life Time Love

  1. T^T Always been an active shadow reader here, but this post makes be want to comment. I know a little gist of the storyline and it’s quite an emotional ride. If you are planning to watch it, be prepare for onion cutting. Not sure how closely they will link it to the story book, but I hope they change the ending. T^T

    • I also know in detail the plot thanks to the novel. From the trailer and stills, it looks promising, I’ll surely watch it hoping it will be subbed, maybe skipping the most tragic episodes

    • General consensus is that this drama will not be a close adaption of Tong Hua’s novel, which is why C-netizens are keeping expectations very low for this one.

      • Apart from the Bu Bu jing Xíng adaptation, other dramas adaptated from other Tong Hua novel were just ok to say the least. I hope this one will surprise me.

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