Princess Agents OP continues to rule

When was the last time a woman sang the exciting OP about ruling the world?    Props to  Princess Agents for breaking the mold of a fastbeat male opening song and a romantic female ending song.

Between this, the Advisors Alliance, and Rush to the Dead Summer, this summer just might make up for the lackluster showing last year.

Featuring an ancient drama female lead with an actual goal in mind (and to free the slaves that she was once a part of, no less), and whose romantic deal breaker is politics, this could very well be Zhao Liying’s breakthrough role to launch her out of cutesy roles.   OP is by Zhang Bichen and Zhao Liying.

3 thoughts on “Princess Agents OP continues to rule

  1. Do you guys know if Viki is licensed to sub this drama yet? Or if Dramafever will pick up this drama and sub it.

  2. Honestly weren’t planning to watch this, but this heroic song and badass female lead may make me want to watch it. I’m still a bit iffy with the the two leads, but I guess we’ll see when it comes out!

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