Bai Baihe, William Chan’s first encounter in Only Side By Side With You

First stills have been released for William Chan (L.O.R.D) and Bai Baihe’s (Surgeons) upcoming romance drama Only Side By Side With You. A concept teaser can be found here.

Nan Qiao (Bai Baihe) is known for her cold personality, but is very invested in her drone designing business. Her cheating fiancee pulls out of the business, and the still below features Nan Qiao on the way to meeting a couple of new potential investors at a high-end bar.

There, she meets the secretive bar owner Shi Yue (William Chan), who decides to invest in her business after discovering that she may be one of the reasons behind his expulsion from the army. Qin Hailu (White Deer Plain) guest stars as An Ning, Shi Yue’s benefactor who has connections with the city’s seedy underworlds.

Costars include Li Xian (Dr. Qin Medical Examiner) as Shi Yue’s former best friend and colleague who harbours unrequited love for Nan Qiao, Bai Bing (Grandmaster of Tai chi) as Nan Qiao’s business partner and Hao Youhao (TLTWTMPB) as a fellow drone designer.

The drama has increased its episode count to 45, and is aiming to air by the end of the year.

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