Creative posters for Brotherhood of Blades II

Brotherhood of Blades II 绣春刀修罗战场 has released new behind-the-scenes footage and character posters of the leads and extended cast. The first set of posters hints at the character relationships, and the second set are taken directly from costume designer Liang Tingting’s original sketches.

I can’t wait for the new OTP played by Chang Chen (Mr. Long) and Yang Mi (TLTWTMPB), especially because the female lead doesn’t seem like a damsel in distress anymore. In order of appearance, the posters below also feature Zhang YiLei Jiayin, Xin Zhilei, Chin Shi-chieh, Liu Duanduan (first set) and Li Yuan (second set).

The first movie sometimes sacrificed narrative logic to make way for flashier action scenes, but it was enjoyable nevertheless, so I’m looking forward to seeing what director Lu Yang (Princess Jieyou) and writer Chen Shu (Perfect Wedding) will bring to the table come August 11th.



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