Joe Chen, Chen Xiao in Queen Dugu

Joe Chen (Candle in the Tomb) plays the titular Queen (Empress) Dugu Qieluo, and Chen Xiao costars as her husband Yang Jian, later the Emperor Wen of Sui, in upcoming historical Queen Dugu 独孤皇后 (formerly The Unique China Queen).

After founding the Sui Dynasty, Yang Jian and Dugu Qieluo initiated several economic, agricultural and political reforms that enabled the dynasty to enter a new golden age. Unfortunately, the couple’s legacy would later be ruined by their son Emperor Yang.

Unlike most royal couples in history, this pair was truly in love. Yang Jian would permanently reside in his Empress’ palace (against traditional custom), and all of his children were borne by Dugu Qieluo. He only had four concubines in his inner palace, and most of them were created after Dugu Qieluo’s death in 602.

The supporting leads include Qi Ji (Psychologist) as Yuwen Yong, the second last Emperor of the Northern Zhou Dynasty and Hai Lu (Happy Mitan) as his wife Empress Ashina.

The drama is directed by Zhang Xiaozheng (Song of Phoenix) and is slated for 50 episodes.


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  1. J Chen’s stills here look very similar to Tang Yan in Princess Wei Young. PWY was mediocre. J C’s acting in Stay with Me wasn’t even as good as the much younger actors like Sun Yi, Deng Lun, Derek Chang of the same genre. Hope JC can pick better roles for herself. TY in PWY is not that much better. Starting to wonder who will be the most senior Mary Sue actress.

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