Tears in Heaven releases first teaser

Here’s the first teaser for Tears in Heaven, the upcoming melo starring Shawn Dou (The Last Race) , Li Qin (Undercover)and Zhang Yunlong (Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice).

Entertainment reporter Du Xiaosu (Li Qin) meets surgeon Shao Zhenrong (Zhang Yunlong) and his friend Lei Yuzheng (Shawn Dou), and begins a sweet romance with the former. Their relationship is met with disapproval from Shao Zhenrong’s parents, and Du Xiaosu eventually breaks up with him. In the novel Shao Zhenrong dies in a rescue mission, though it looks like the drama has changed it to a car crash.

From the trailer, it seems like Lei Yuzheng isn’t as obsessive as he was in the original novel, and Du Xiaosu will have better things to do than drink away her sorrows. Wang Ruizi (General and I) plays the typical jealous and clingy second female lead, while Li Tingzhe (A Detective Housewife) will be playing a ruthless businessman determined to ruin Lei Yuzheng’s company.

The 40 episode drama directed by Hua Qing (The Last Visa) has yet to secure an air date.

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