Liu Shishi and Ming Dao’s Happiness of an Angel to air after 6 years

Happiness of an Angel 天使的幸福 stars Liu Shishi (The Battle at the Dawn) as a single mother, Ming Dao (The Missing) as a haughty surgeon and Xu Zhengxi (The Virtuous Queen of Han) as Liu Shishi’s ex-boyfriend.

Filmed in 2011, Liu Shishi plays Li Xiaohan, the kind and obedient female lead who runs an island inn and has to take care of her grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer’s, as well as a daughter (Tang Zhen) who contracted HIV after accepting tainted blood from Jieluo’s girlfriend. Jieluo travels to the island to apologise on behalf of his deceased girlfriend, and the two soon fall in love, though An Jieluo’s meddlesome mother will do all she can to separate the lovebirds.

Xu Zhengxi plays Jiang Feng’en, Xiaohan’s ex-husband and father to their child. Of course, Feng’en doesn’t know the child his, and when he does find out, he’s lost all chances of rekindling his relationship with Li Xiaohan. Jessie Chiang (A Love for Separation) rounds out the main quartet as his girlfriend.

Because the drama focuses on the sensitive issue of HIV / AIDS, it’ll be shown on Mango TV (Hunan TV’s online streaming site) rather than any of the national television channels. The 30 episode drama will release 1 episode a day every Monday to Wednesday from May 22nd.

2 thoughts on “Liu Shishi and Ming Dao’s Happiness of an Angel to air after 6 years

  1. I’m torn – while I’m happy that this drama is being aired (finally) for the sake of the cast, I’d be hard pressed to watch it because I loved the original Korean version (“Thank You”) with Gong Hyo-jin and Jang Hyuk and it was so very well done. I love Ming Dao, especially after a chance encounter with him in Jiufen back in 2009 when he was so sweet to two obviously besotted foreign tourists ;-) but I’m not sure that this can surpass the quality of the original. I like Liu Shishi too, but she’s no Gong Hyo-jin in terms of talent.

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