Casting has began in North America for Wu’ershan’s upcoming fantasy epic loosely based on the Investiture of the Gods.

Director Wu’ershan (Painted Skin II, Mojin: The Lost Legend) is one of the most consistent commercial film directors of his generation and imo the best Chinese-fantasy film director currently available.

  • Upload audition videos to or
  • Send your self-recorded audition videos to
  • Include your name, location, and phone number in both the title of the video and the e-mail.
  • Send inquiries to
  • All characters are Chinese and require a basic level of speaking Chinese
  • Training begins in September 2017 and filming begins in June 2018.

Character descriptions (read it in Chinese here): 

  • Lead A:  Male, 16-22, Asian
    Handsome, athletic
    Earnest but slightly emo
  • Lead B:  Male, 16-22, Asian
    An older brother type
    Sunny, lively, a born-leader
    Preference for those with an athletic, martial arts, or dance background
  • Lead C: Female,  16-20, Asian or Mixed Asian
    Very beautiful.  Innocent outer appearance with seductive, foxy eyes
    (I wonder who she could be *cough* Daji *cough*) 
    Preference for those with a dance background
  • Lead D: Female, 22-25, Asian
    Pretty, brave warrior with a strong mind
    Athletic build

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