Lu Han revisits his Beijing childhood

Complete with kite flying, Beijing yogurt (aka the best yogurt), youtiao, and a friendly match of Chinese chess in the shadows of the imperial palace under writings of Mao Zedong,    this  photoshoot of Beijing native Lu Han is probably one of the best from Chen Man in a long time.

Lu Han’s currently starring in his first drama, Fighter of the Destiny. The series is too draggy for me but he’s very pretty in it.

Q: Can a fan tell me if Lu is his last name?



3 thoughts on “Lu Han revisits his Beijing childhood

  1. Lu = Deer. His surname is so rare I do wonder if it is his real last name. He has such a pretty face that I sometimes forget this boy can act. The two times that I saw him, in FoD and The Witness, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like watching his characters do his thing. I agree with Chen Shu, who plays Sheng Hou in FoD, that Luhan falls naturally into his character.

    • Yeah, his Lu is a super rare last name, which makes me wonder if he just used his first name or it’s his pseudonym. Usually it’s 陆 or 卢 or 鲁.

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