China’s latest androgynous band Acrush

Can these gender-neutral sweethearts win your love?

Hey, look, it’s another androgynous band that was reported all over the Western media but remains anonymous in China. Unlike MissTer, their first song and MV looks really hot and quite sharp. Their styling and outfit are kind of how I wish M.I.C. would dress, although their dancing doesn’t seem to be as good. They’ve even went for the gender-neutral pronouns! They’ll be called 少年 (youth), and will be a 少年团 (youth band)  rather than boyband or girlband.

You can read about them via CNN, QuartzMashable. See their first MV below. See the English translations here. I call the pink-haired one.

5 thoughts on “China’s latest androgynous band Acrush

  1. Does anyone else think it’s a bit weird that these girls got so much (Western) media coverage? The whole androgynous, tomboy concept is hardly unique in China.

    Ah, well. I’m still trying to figure out why G.E.M. keeps getting called the “Taylor Swift of China”…

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