Trailer released for Lost Love in Times

A teaser has been released for Lost Love in Times, the period romance drama starring Liu Shishi (The Battle at the Dawn), William Chan (L.O.R.D) and Xu Haiqiao (Righteous Ardour of Chang’an).

The secret organisation known as Mingyi Tower is persecuted by the corrupt court officials in the Western Wei Dynasty, and as the sole survivor and heir, Feng Qingchen (Liu Shishi) is determined to find out the truth.

She meets and befriends fourth prince Yuan Ling (William Chan) and seventh prince Yuan Zhan (Xu Haiqiao), and soon falls in love with the former. Their difference in status proves too much of a challenge, and Qingchen decides to remain by Yuan Ling’s side as a trusted advisor. I’m most intrigued about the parallel universe setup, and hope the screenwriters actually integrate it into the story rather than use it as a contrived plot device.

The 54 episode drama from the team behind The Journey of Flower is tentatively scheduled for July 6th, and will broadcast on Dragon TV’s Thursday-Friday slot.

3 thoughts on “Trailer released for Lost Love in Times

  1. The trailer actually made me want to watch it. Surprised since the premise sounded kind of weird, but I’ll look forward to see how they pull it off.

  2. Some hairstyle are too strange, why is there the need to create such elaborate but still ridiculous hairstyle. Apart from this, I’ll surely watch it hoping that it Will be subbed

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