Gorgeous new stills and poster for Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace


“Besieged love of the imperial marriage.”

Here are some wonderful new stills for Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palacea 90 episode historical romance drama which focuses on the deterioration of Ruyi (Zhou Xun) and Hongli’s (Wallace Huo) relationship once the latter ascends the throne as the Qianlong Emperor. Really, the tagline says it all.

The stars featured below include Janine Chang as best friend Hailan, Dong Jie as Qianlong’s jealous first Empress, Tong Yao as the feisty Gao Xiyue, Xin Zhilei as Jin Yuyan, Vivian Wu as Zhenhuan, Li Chun as the scheming Wei Yanwan and Hu Ke as the naive Su Lvyun.

I think I’ve said all I can about this drama in previous posts, so bask in the pretty below!


Director Wang Jun was also behind the visually stunning Qing dynasty drama “Firmament of the Pleiades / 苍穹之昴”.



7 thoughts on “Gorgeous new stills and poster for Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace

  1. I’m glad that Janine Chang gets to play a real genuine best friend this time instead of the jealous one in Empress of China.

    • The double-framing format is almost 20% of the image height/width. Not counting the outermost “clear frame”. It’s like looking into a cage filled with women dressed in luxury? The embroidery and color are very pretty. More women who have nothing better to do in the palace but bickering and fighting full time? sigh..

      • Historical dramas about Qing are great entertainment but at times the scheming/plotting/palace intrigues get too much.

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