Zhang Jiayi, Lin Shen in crime drama Undercover

Undercover/The Undercover to Return 卧底归来 takes inspiration from true events, and focuses on the conflict between China’s anti-narcotics forces and drug dealers. The most recent teaser can be found here.

Lin Shen (I’m Lucky) plays Baoyu, a police officer who is tasked with infiltrating ‘Ninth Master’s’ (Tang Zhenye) drug cartel. Baoyu gains the trust of drug dealer Jin Fei (Zhang Chenguang), and is eventually able to work directly under Ninth Master after befriending his daughter Tang Guo (Li Qin).

Zhang Jiayi (White Deer Plain) plays police chief Fang Qinglong, and Liu Yijun (Surgeons) plays deputy chief and anti-narcotics team leader Lianzhong, an ex-undercover agent who presents himself as a greedy and corrupt officer. Costars include Zhai Tianlin (White Deer Plain), Fu Jing (Housing), Yang Yuting (Return of Happiness) and Wang Ban (Mao Zedong and His Brothers).

The 40 episode drama is produced by China’s Ministry of Public Security, and led by director Liu Guang and writer Huang Jian (Police Story). Undercover premiered on Jiangsu’s local television station in April, and will air on national channels Shandong TV and Tianjin TV from May 12th.


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